High School Choir


Hello and welcome to the SCKMEA choir information page. My name is Jarl Moreland and Nick Griggs and I are your High School Choir co-chairs. We are excited for this opportunity to help build musical events and experiences for students that will last their lifetime. We are very excited for our upcoming honor events!! We are here for you and your students/programs directors! We will continue to streamline our audition process to best serve the students/directors and volunteers involved. As always please contact us with any questions you may have!!

Audition Registration
New information regarding district honor ensemble registration will be issued in late summer.

Entries must be completed by Sunday, October 7. Late entries may be allowed to audition for district choir only, for doubled fees. However, to be eligible for the All-State Choirs, you must have entries submitted by October 7. If you have late entries, they cannot be submitted online, so those entries must be emailed directly to me.

Sponsoring teachers must be a member of NAfME-KMEA for students to be considered for the All-State choirs.

Audition Fee
The audition fee is $8.00 per student. Make one check for all auditioning choir students payable to SCKMEA. Payment must be mailed WITH INVOICE to:

Larry Brownlee
Sterling High School
308 E. Washington
Sterling, KS 67579

Please send a copy of the invoice from the Invoice Generator along with the payment and make sure that it is marked specifically as a choir payment. Larry appreciates prompt payments.

Audition Requirements
Students may audition for only ONE festival group (band, orchestra or choir). Freshmen in four-year schools are eligible for District Choir only. Students selected to participate in District Choir are required to participate in ALL rehearsals and the performance on Saturday, December 1, to be eligible for the All-State choirs. Auditions for the SCKMEA District Honor Choir will be held on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at LOCATION TBD.

Practice Files
Practice files will be made available on the KMEA website at this address: http://systems.ksmea.org/hschoir/

Audition Repertoire
The All-State audition repertoire list is on the KMEA website. For auditions students must use original copies of all audition songs. For those new to this process, students will sing a short cut from each of the songs. Students will sing along with a recorded track that comes from the practice files, and there is a teacher in the room to conduct.

Audition Cuts
Audition cuts will be available during the final week before the November auditions. These cuts will be posted on the SCKMEA website and emailed to all teachers who have registered students to audition.

Teacher's Responsibilities
After you register your students we will send out an email with more details about the day of auditions. DIRECTORS MUST BE AVAILABLE TO JUDGE, DIRECT or TABULATE FROM 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM THE DAY OF AUDITIONS. If you cannot be there or are not available for the ENTIRE day your school will be assessed a fine from SCKMEA. We need all hands on deck to make this huge event work smoothly!

If you have specific requests regarding audition times, please email them to us and we will attempt to honor all requests. I would like to use eight audition rooms (as we did last year).

Also, if you teach both vocal and instrumental music, please let me know if you have instrumental judging duties asap!


Mixed Choir

Jubilate Deo
Dan Forrest
Hinshaw Music, Inc.
(Mixed Choir Audition Piece)

The Beatitudes
Troy Robertson
(Mixed Choir Audition Piece)

Choose Something Like a Star - from Frostiana
Randall Thompson
EC Schirmer Music Co.

Veniki (Brooms)
Feodosiy Rubtsov
Musica Russica

Women's Choir

Gloria - from Mass No. 6
Gyorgy Orban
Hinshaw Music Inc.
SA Divisi
(Women's Choir Audition Piece)

Dear John, Dear John
Steve Hopkins
Hinshaw Music Inc.

The Snow
Edward Elgar
PDF download

Patrick Dittamo
Santa Barbara Music Publishing, Inc.

Selections are available at Senseney Music
Jarl Moreland
Hutchinson, KS

Assistant Choir Chair
Nicholas Griggs
McPherson HS
McPherson, KS