Middle School Band
Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Middle School Band Roster


  1. Kaitlyn Moore, Lyons MS
  2. Brin Bergkamp, Cheney MS
  3. Lily Hayes, Andover-Central MS
  4. Draco Shelton, Winfield MS
  5. Tobias Ohman, Wichita-Pleasant Valley MS
  6. Corynn Nickel, Hesston MS
  7. Kallie Geier, Lyons MS
  8. Cassandra Keeler, Leon-Bluestem JH
  9. Tatiana Sawatzky, Newton-Chisholm MS
  10. Halli Yoder, Pretty Prairie MS
  11. Kasie Karaj, Wichita-Coleman MS
  12. Danika Zimmerman, Sterling JH
  13. Lincoln Britton, Wichita-Mayberry MS
  14. Breanna Berry, Pretty Prairie MS
  1. Hudson Duff, Wichita-Coleman MS
  1. Cooper Kirk, Andover-Central MS
  2. Sarah Hild, Wichita-Blessed Sacrament Catholic
  3. Tiffany Gifford, Hutchinson MS
  4. Kethan Simpson, Douglass-Sisk MS
  5. Andrea Burns, Hutchinson MS
  6. Jaden Patterson, Wichita-Gordon Parks Academy
  7. Alexandra Carlson, Marion MS
  8. McKennah Tate, Wichita-Pleasant Valley MS
  9. Lizbeth Robles, Wichita-McAuliffe Academy
  10. Kendall Baggs, Conway Springs MS
  11. Leah Dickson, Halstead MS
  12. Taylin Owen, Winfield MS
  13. Cheveyo Williams, Wichita-Mayberry MS
  14. Zeth Medley, Wichita-Mayberry MS
  15. Esme Boyer, Douglass-Sisk MS
  16. Samuel Harville, Wichita-Pleasant Valley MS
  17. Alyssa Homan, Wichita-McAuliffe Academy
  18. Kylah Brown, Wichita-McAuliffe Academy
  19. Haley Suffield, Marion MS
  20. Addison Childs, Halstead MS
  21. Katelynn Krueger, Halstead MS
Bass Clarinet
  1. Ellie Nelson, Marion MS
  2. Landrey Homewood, Halstead MS
Alto Sax
  1. Hezekiah Walker, Wichita-Mayberry MS
  2. Marley Dalbom, Conway Springs MS
  3. Ashton Richard, Wichita-Gordon Parks Academy
  4. Danielle Wehry, Leon-Bluestem JH
  5. Zachary Schmidt, Newton-Chisholm MS
  6. Siiqret Mauck, Lyons MS
  7. Aldo Valdez, Wichita-McAuliffe Academy
  8. Alejandro Trevizo, Wichita-Horace Mann Magnet
Tenor Sax
  1. Kaleb Moen, Inman JH
  2. Kendall Cook, Winfield MS
Bari Sax
  1. Jarrett Bootsma, Wichita-McAuliffe Academy
  2. Benjamin Schulte, Halstead MS
  1. Danika Thompson, Hesston MS
  2. Jace Darnaur, Sterling JH
  3. Emily Curran, Wichita-Horace Mann Magnet
  4. Jessica Methvin, Marion MS
  5. Alexander Chairez, Wichita-Mayberry MS
  6. Greyson Allen, Conway Springs MS
  7. Edgard Zuniga, Lyons MS
  8. Braden Vogt, Hesston MS
  9. Ben Sackett, Wichita-Mayberry MS
  10. Noah Kopper, Newton-Chisholm MS
  11. Ashton Talkington, Peabody-Burns MS
  12. Isaac Sant, Sterling JH
  13. Derek Souphanh, Wichita-McAuliffe Academy
  14. Micah Ballard, Inman JH
  15. Jackson Elliott, Winfield MS
  16. Oliver Simmonds, Andover-Central MS
  17. Carolyn Anders, Pretty Prairie MS
  1. Hannah Lynn, Douglass-Sisk MS
  2. Jordyn Schnable, Inman JH
  1. Dominic Bergman, Newton-Chisholm MS
  2. Braden Woods, Pretty Prairie MS
  3. Riley DeHaven, Wichita-Mayberry MS
  4. Aseel Albawardi, Cheney MS
  5. Johnathan Haspels, Halstead MS
  6. Brody Reams, Winfield MS
  7. Mark Miller, Cheney MS
  8. Jayden Tuchardt, Hutchinson MS
  9. Hayden Linden, Lyons MS
  10. Lucas Miller, Pretty Prairie MS
  11. Beau Jewers, Winfield MS
  1. Carsten Quick, Cheney MS
  2. Isaac Welty, Sterling JH
  3. Jovi Morgan, Halstead MS
  1. Jeremiah Coym, Andover-Central MS
  2. Derek Krone, Sterling JH
  3. Chloe Henning, Cheney MS
  4. Cody Schweizer, Sterling JH
  5. Ayelen Dominguez-Pena, Wichita-Horace Mann Magnet
  6. Spencer Treaster, Hutchinson MS
  7. Kinsey Berry, Cheney MS
Listed in alphabetical order
  • Noah Geeves, Lyons MS
  • Cora Hicks, Andover-Central MS
  • Katie Inwood, Sterling JH
  • Tobias Ives, Newton-Chisholm MS
  • Elias Kachelmeier, Andover-Central MS
  • Connar Solorio, Newton-Chisholm MS
Jennifer Kirk
Wichita-McAuliffe Academy
2055 S. 143rd St E
Wichita, KS 67230
w: 316-973-9985
Important Dates - MS Band
Aug. 26, 2023 - Sat
SCKMEA Teacher Kick-off
Augusta HS, 10:00 AM
Sep. 10, 2023 - Sun
Nomination Deadline — MS Band
Nov. 4, 2023 - Sat
Clinics & Concerts — MS Band, HS Jazz Band
Location TBA
$12 participation fee per selected student

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