Membership Requirement
For a student to participate in KMEA honor groups the sponsoring teacher must be an active member of the Kansas Music Educators Association.

Elementary Choir


Choir - Don Gray
Workshop - Lauren Hirsh

Important Dates
Sep. 13 - Nomination Deadline
Oct. 22 - Clinic & Concert @ Wichita-Christa McAuliffe Academy, 2055 S. 143rd St E - $10 participation fee per selected student

Nominations must be entered online in the KMEA Members site.

Use the SCKMEA Invoice Generator to create your fee invoices. An invoice print-out must be included with each payment. Make checks payable to South Central KMEA. The cost is $10 per student.

Important Info
  • Participation is open to students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.
  • Participating schools should send three students prepared to sing Part I and three students prepared to sing Part II.
  • Schools are limited to a total of six students only.
  • Students are expected to bring sheet music, and have all music memorized, for the festival.
  • Dress up clothing is appropriate for choir students. Students should wear their performance clothing to the event as our schedule does not permit time for changing.
  • The Elementary Choir Concert will begin at 12:00 PM. The concert is free and is open to parents, teachers, and friends.
  • T-shirts & plaques will be available for purchase.
Nomination Information
Nomination is a two-step process. You must complete both steps.
  • Please enter your six students (must include three Part I singers and three Part 2 singers) using the nomination form in the KMEA Members site.
  • A participation fee of $10.00 per student must be mailed to:

    Larry Brownlee
    SCKMEA Executive Director
    125 W. Cooper
    Sterling KS, 67579

    A copy of a SCKMEA invoice must be enclosed with payment. Make checks payable to South Central KMEA.
Student names received after the nomination deadline may be accepted for participation but cannot be guaranteed inclusion on the shirts, plaques or program.


Festival Song
Dave and Jean Perry
2-part with piano
Alfred Publishing 20132

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
edited by John Leavitt
2-part with piano
Shawnee Press E 0385

One Little Candle
Audrey Snyder
2-part with piano
Alfred Publishing SV8748

Carolyn Jennings
unison with piano
G. Schirmer Publishing 48369

Cripple Creek
Arr. by Emily Crocker
2-part with piano
Hal Leonard Publishing 423-03032
Music is available at Senseney.
Rehearsal Notes from the Clinician

"Festival Song" by Dave and Jean Perry, Tempo: joyfully/ta = 120
  • A section: pg 2, ms 5-12 - first time all singers in unison, repeat with altos/part 2 adding harmony part; mf dynamics
  • B section: pg 3, ms 13-21 - divisi with mp dynamics and more legato/smoother, pay attention to cresc. poco a poco at ms 18
  • A section: pg 4, ms 22-29 - two-part divisi with f dynamics
  • C section: pg 5, ms 34-41 - softer dynamics (mp) building throughout section, altos/part 2 begins this section then add sopranos/part 1
  • A section: pg 6, ms 42-49 - just like pg 4 with two-part divisi and f dynamics
  • B section: pg 6, ms 50-58 - just like pg 3 with divisi, mp dynamics and cresc. poco a poco going into the last A section
  • A section: pg 7, ms 59-66 - just like pg 4
  • Tag/CODA: pg 8, ms 67-end - all voices in unison until last note (part one ends on so, part two ends on do)
"Alleluia" by W. A. Mozart (edited by John Leavitt), Tempo: allegro/ta = 120
  • A section: pg 2, ms 9-24 - sopranos/part 1 begins, add altos/part 2 at ms 17 (which is the same melody that the sopranos/part 1 just sang)
  • B section: pg 4, ms 26-48 - sing the optional parts as indicated noting that sopranos/part 1 sing and are echoed by altos/part 2
  • A section: pg 5, ms 45-64 - just like pg 2
  • C section: pg 6, ms 65-end - sopranos/part 1 begins, add altos/part 2 (which echoes what part 1 just sang) then join in unison ms 69; sopranos/part 1 begin ms 73, add altos/part 2 (which again echoes what part 1 just sang) then join in unison ms 77 but divisi at ms 80 (sopranos/part 1 sing the high F) then join back to unison at ms 81 thru ms 84
"One Little Candle" by Audrey Snyder, Tempo: gently/ta = 92
  • A section/verse 1: pg 2, ms 3-18 - all voices sing verse 1 in unison (no solo)
  • B section/refrain: pg 4, ms 19-26 - divisi harmony (notice that the last four measures of this section are very similar to the first four measures)
  • A' section/verse 2: pg 5, ms 27-42 - all voices begin verse 2 in unison but divide at ms 35 with altos/part 2 singing a descending scale (d' t l s f m r d t,) until ms 39 where altos/part 2 mainly sing harmony using pitches low so, low ti, and do.
  • B section/refrain: pg 6, ms 43-end - just like pg 4 until ms 49 where sopranos/part 1 basically sing an ascending scale (f s l t d') and the altos/part 2 sing harmony (d t, l, d r m f m)
"Bandicoot" by Carolyn Jennings, Tempo: happy/ta = 120
  • Diction and articulation are crucial in this selection! Light and bouncy!
  • Although this is wordy, just think of telling a story about this Australian animal.
  • Think of each verse as two 4-measure phrases followed by a 3-measure phrase (and whistling!).
  • Work on pitch accuracy for the whistle phrases.
  • We will sing the entire selection in unison until pg 4, last line/ms 49 where we will divide with altos/part 2 singing the low so/Ds and sopranos/part 1 singing the high so/Ds before finally joining in unison on do/G.
"Cripple Creek" arr by Emily Crocker, Tempo: brightly and happy/ta-o = 120
  • A section/verse 1: pg 2, ms 5-12 - sopranos/part 1 lead the way with this "call and response" type dialogue telling the story... this "call and response" continues into the B section/refrain: pg 3, ms 13-20 (we will always sing the lower pitches... NOT the smaller optional notes in the score)
  • A' section/verse 2: pg 4, ms 25-32 - sopranos/part 1 and altos/part 2 "bounce the melody back and forth" while also sharing the harmony parts as well (NOTE that the harmony parts are always the same pitches when each part sings the harmony i.e. altos/part 2 sing d m f m and sopranos/part 1 sing s f m f m)
  • B' section/refrain: pg 5, ms 33-40 - altos/part 2 sing the melody just like the first refrain (pg 3) but this time the sopranos/part 1 sing harmony using m s l s m s f m)
  • A" section/verse 3: pg 6, ms 41-48 - just like verse 2, the melody is "shared" between the parts and the harmonization uses the same harmonic pitches as earlier
  • B' section/refrain: pg 7, ms 49-56 - harmonies just like pg 5 but notice the dynamic changes... first time we sing mezzopiano, then we repeat back to ms 49 and sing with piano dynamics.
  • Ending/Tag: pg 8, ms 59-end - sopranos/part 1 are basically singing a descending scale (d' l s f m r d) and altos/part 2 sing harmony (d s, t, d)
Kristin Chisham
Douglass-Sisk MS
950 E. 1st St
Douglass, KS 67039
w: 316-747-3340
Important Dates - Elem. Choir
Aug. 26, 2023 - Sat
SCKMEA Teacher Kick-off
Augusta HS, 10:00 AM
Sep. 12, 2023 - Tue
Nomination Deadline — Elementary Choir
Oct. 21, 2023 - Sat
Clinic & Concert — Elementary Choir
Location TBA
$10 participation fee per selected student

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