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2020-21 SCKMEA Honor Group Waiver of Enrollment Requirement
For the 2020-2021 school year only, a student may audition (or be nominated) for an SCKMEA honor ensemble even if the student is unable to participate in their school's music program due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19. Any student in such a situation must work with their school's music teacher(s) to complete the necessary SCKMEA forms and procedures. By submitting a student's audition or nomination, a teacher verifies that the student is or has previously been a member of their school's music program in good standing.

2020-21 SCKMEA High School Honor Groups to use Recorded Auditions
SCKMEA will use online recorded auditions for all high school honor groups for the 2020-21 school year. Additional information, including audition materials for each ensemble, will be further specified as chairs complete their plans.
Greetings SCKMEA Choir Directors!

I am excited for another wonderful year serving the great choral directors and students of the South Central District of Kansas. The auditions for the SCKMEA District Honor Choir(s) will be held on Saturday, November 7, 2020.

Audition Registration & Fee Schedule
Oct. 11 - regular deadline, $8 per audition
Oct. 25 - late #1, $33 per audition ($25 penalty)
Nov. 6 - late #2, $58 per audition ($50 penalty)
Nov. 7 - late #3, $100 per audition, must be paid that day

All choir students will remain eligible for the State Choir(s) as long as the registration deadlines and corresponding fees are met. 9th graders are eligible for selection to the KMEA All-State High School Choirs.

All payments for fees must be made payable to SCKMEA and sent to:
SCKMEA Executive Director
Larry Brownlee
125 W. Cooper
Sterling KS, 67579

Sponsoring teachers must be a member of NAfME-KMEA for students to be considered for KMEA honor groups.

Please include a copy of the invoice from the Invoice Generator with your payment and make sure that it is marked specifically as a choir payment. Larry Brownlee, our treasurer, appreciates prompt payments.

Audition Requirements
Students may audition for only ONE festival group (band, choir, or orchestra). Students selected to participate in one of District Choirs are required to participate in ALL the rehearsals and the District Honor Choir Performance on December 5, 2020 to remain eligible for selection to the All-State Choirs.

Practice Files
Practice files will be made available on the KMEA website.

Audition Repertoire & Procedures
The All-State audition repertoire list is on the KMEA website. For auditions, students must use original copies for all audition pieces. For those new to the audition process this year, the process is as follows:
  • Students will enter their designated room with original copies to sing for a panel of judges
  • Students should not speak when they enter
  • A director will start the audition track and will conduct your student in order to help the appropriate visual cues for entrances, cut-offs, and phrasing.
  • Upon completion of the audition cut, students should pick up their original copies and leave the room without speaking.

Audition Cuts
Audition cuts will be available the week of the November auditions. These cuts will be posted on the SCKMEA website and emailed to all directors who have registered students to audition.

Director's Responsibilities
After you register your students we will send out an email with more details about the day of auditions. DIRECTORS MUST BE AVAILABLE TO JUDGE, DIRECT or TABULATE FROM 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM THE DAY OF AUDITIONS. If you cannot be there or are not available for the ENTIRE day, you must send a willing and able director/sponsor in your absence or your school will be assessed a fine from SCKMEA. We need all hands on deck to make this huge event work smoothly!

If you have specific requests regarding audition times, please email them to me and I will attempt to honor all requests. Also, if you teach both vocal and instrumental music, please let me know if you have instrumental judging duties as soon as you can.

Audition Conflicts
The KMEA/SCKMEA Board do their best to avoid student conflicts when scheduling the November auditions. However, some years conflicts are unavoidable. SCKMEA is aware of a handful of KSHSAA Sponsored Events that will conflict with SCKMEA Auditions this year on Nov. 2. If you have a student that still plans to audition but may have a conflict with a KSHSAA Sponsored Sporting Event that weekend, they will be given an opportunity to audition on Wednesday evening, Nov. 4 at Andover Central High School. A statement on school letterhead must be prepared and signed by your principal explaining the conflict and the student involved. Please send all statements to SCKMEA HS Choir Chair Nicholas Griggs () and SCKMEA President Bryan Kirk ()

I hope you all have a wonderful school year!


Mixed Choir


Treble Choir


Selections are available at Senseney Music
Nicholas Griggs
McPherson HS
801 E. 1st St
McPherson, KS 67460
w: 620-241-9500

Important Dates - HS Choir
Oct. 11, 2020 - Sun
Audition Registration deadline — HS Choir
Oct. 25, 2020 - Sun
Audition registration - Late deadline #1 — HS Band, HS Choir, HS Orchestra
Nov. 6, 2020 - Fri
Audition registration - Late deadline #2 — HS Band, HS Choir, HS Orchestra
Nov. 7, 2020 - Sat
Audition registration - Late deadline #3 — HS Band, HS Choir, HS Orchestra
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